Press releases

Are you noisy in the office? (2016)

Safer Operations by surgeons in quiet theatres (2014)

SoundLog press release (2005)

Check noise levels in your band room (2004)

Press kit

You can download high resolution images of our products here. Please contact us at soundear[at] for a password.

Case Stories

How to reduce noise levels in cities? A case story about what the city of Malmö is doing to reduce noise levels. Among other things, Malmö uses the SoundEar 3-320 with an outdoor microphone to measure noise levels in the city.

Ein Ohr für Stille. A case story about a German hospital using SoundEar to reduce noise levels.

Research papers on noise

You can learn about noise levels in neonatal units through these research papers:

Acceptable noise levels for neonates in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Noise at the neonatal intensive care unit after the implementation of an educational program

Sound Interferes with the Early Tactile Manual Abilities of Preterm Infants