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AUDI uses SoundEar II

Visualizing Industrial Noise

“They [trainees] tend to use ear muffs more, when they can see that sound levels are high.”

Audi / Germany

Documenting Construction Noise

“We use SoundEar3-320 X to perform noise measurements on noise from construction sites. This means that the general contractor is able to document that he is in compliance with noise limits.”

BP Støjmåling / Denmark

Reducing Hospital Noise

“The device [SoundEar 3-300] acted as an isolated intervention to significantly reduce night-time ambient and peak sound levels, a change that was sustained after a four-month period.”

Preston Hospital / UK
Noise Guide reduces office noise

Office Noise & Self-Control

“We would definitely recommend the Noise Guide for all open plan offices. They are an important tool to achieving self-control in regard to noise.”

Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems) / Germany


SoundEar helps companies worldwide reduce noise at work. We do this through our 20 years of experience in the noise monitoring industry, and through our unique offer of not only measuring noise, but also visualizing noise.

Creating awareness about noise is the first step towards making a change, and we believe the best way to create awareness about noise, is to visualize it.