Soundear3 software: control your noise levels


  • Monitor current noise levels


  • Compare and Analyze noise


  • automated noise reports

SoundEar3 Software:

What our customers like about it:

  • Monitor your Noise Levels

  • Use the Live Measurements view to monitor current noise levels for one or more locations
  • Analyze and Compare Noise Levels

  • Use the Library view to compare and analyze noise levels across time and locations
  • Document your Noise Levels

  • Use the Reporting view to schedule automated noise reports for relevant people.

See what you can do in the SoundEar Software

This short video takes you through the main features of the SoundEar Software.

Create a noise report

This video shows you how to create a noise report to be sent daily or weekly to your email. This allows you to stay updated without having to check the software.


how to use the SoundEar3 software

There are different ways to use the SoundEar3 Software, depending on the way you want to use your SoundEar3 device(s):

Manual method:

You have one or a few SoundEar3 devices, and do not mind a few manual touches to the process of getting your data.

  1. In this case you will be collecting your noise measurements via a USB key, that you insert into the device to download your measurements.
  2. Next, you can view your measurements in the software, using the Import from USB function.

This video shows how to download and view noise measurements using the manual method:

Automated method:

You have a number of SoundEar3 devices, and you want the process of collecting data to be automatic.

  1. In this case you set up your system to receive measurements via your preferred method:
    • Wireless (via radio signal)
    • Wireless (via Wi-Fi & Cloud Service)
    • Cabled (via LAN)
  2. Your noise measurements will automatically be collected and displayed in the SoundEar Software, as long as the software is running.

SoundEar3 Software: Map your Noise Levels

Use the SoundEar3 Software to stay on top of your noise levels and make sure you are always up to date with how your noise situation looks.

You can use the software to provide documentation on noise levels and to perform noise mapping for your company.

  1. Monitor noise levels live for one or more locations
  2. Compare and analyze noise levels across time and locations
  3. Automate the process of staying on track: Use automated noise reports

One example of using the automated noise reports:

  • One report is sent once a week with a summarized overview (for administrators, top level management, etc.)
  • One report is sent once a day with a more detailed overview (for mid-level management,  controllers, etc.)
  • One report is sent several times a day, e.g. one for each shift (for first level management, employees, etc.)


Want to get a closer look at what you can do with the SoundEar3 Software?