SoundEar Software

SoundEar3 Software

Download the current version of SoundEar3 Software here.
You can update your SoundEar3 Software through the software itself.

Or you can just simply download it from here.

How to update the software:
Go to the menu ‘Setup‘ in the SoundEar3 Software and click ‘About SoundEar3‘. By clicking the button ‘Software Update’ the system will check if you have the latest version of the software. If not, a pop-up will ask you if you want to update to the latest version. Click ‘Yes’, and your software will update automatically.

If you need any help or if you are not able to update through the software, please contact us at

Noise Guide Software
Download Noise Guide Software

 (ver. December 2018

Please note! After installing the new version of the software you must upgrade the firmware in the Noise Guide to the latest version (1.6.1). All your log files in the internal log will be deleted since you have to do a factory re-set. Remember to do a read out by USB of the log files before updating the firmware if you want to keep the measurements. They can still be viewed in the measurement library afterwards.

  • Connect the Noise Guide to your computer and open the software
  • Go to Device Info in the left side menu.
  • Click on Check for firmware update  
  • Click OK. Your firmware will now be updated
  • When the update is complete you need to do a factory reset of your device. Click on Factory Setting in the bottom of the left side menu.
SoundEar Pro/SoundLog software
Download SoundEar Pro/SoundLog software

June 20th, 2018
Please note: If you do not have administrator rights to your PC, please follow these instructions to get the software up and running:

  1. Download the zip file ‘‘ It contains the required configuration files.
  2. Extract the files
  3. Copy the files into the folder ‘AppData’ as shown in this image:

When the files have been copied, the SoundEarPro/SoundLog software should start properly.

June 13th, 2018
Please note: The SoundLog II software requires that you have administrator rights to your computer.

September 14th, 2017
Patch Software to fix problems with opening measurements in Excel 2013 and 2016:

Download Patch software

User Manuals