SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL tells you when to put on hearing protection

Being able to see when noise levels are too high makes the difference

Why our customers like SoundEar II Industry:

  • Makes noise visible
  • Easy to understand: when the light turns red, it is time to put on hearing protection
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Reacts to the actual noise levels: you know exactly when the earmuffs are necessary
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AUDI uses SoundEar II

Everybody can ‘see’ the noise

“They [trainees] tend to use ear muffs more, when they can see that sound levels are high.”

Vocational Training Department / AUDI

Start reminding people to wear hearing protection

Where, Why and How to Use SoundEar II INDUSTRY and SoundEar II Xl


SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL are used when you want to make sure that everyone knows when to wear hearing protection. They are most often used in:

  • Warehouses
  • Production Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Construction sites

If you also need to provide documentation on your noise levels and want to keep track of your noise levels, we recommend using the SoundEar3 noise monitoring system


Industrial and construction workers are some of the occupations that most often experience hearing damage. This is also why noise regulations for hearing protection are in place. SoundEar II Industry makes it easier to live up to these regulations.

The SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL features that are most often highlighted by our customers are:

  • Visualizes noise in the workplace, making everyone aware of when they need to put on hearing protection
  • Being able to react quickly and put on the ear muffs when the noise level requires it also means not having to wear them all the time
  • Knowing when to put on the ear muffs, and remembering to do it, because the red light flashing is a very visual reminder


  1. To use SoundEar II Industry and XL start by setting the noise limit on the device by turning the wheel on the back. It is highly recommended to set the device to turn red at 85 dB, making sure to follow the occupational noise regulations for wearing hearing protection. The SoundEar will then start warning you with the yellow light turning on at 80 dB and the red light flashing at 85 dB.
  2. Next, find out where to place it. Make sure you find a place, where it is visible. If you have a big space, consider using a SoundEar II XL, because the display is bigger and easier to see. Avoid placing your SoundEar close to any sound absorbent materials such as soft fabrics or close to any noisy machinery, because it can affect the noise measurements.
  3. Plug in the device to your power outlet and you can start enjoying the benefits of an instant reminder to wearing hearing protection.

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The Difference between SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL:

The only difference between the products SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL is that the SoundEar II XL is a bigger model.

The dimensions:

  • SoundEar II Industry: L: 265 mm W: 205 mm H: 46 mm.
  • SoundEar II XL: L:576 mm W: 376 mm H: 46 mm

Other than that, the two products are identical and come with the same features. It is only a matter of how big a sign you need for your workplace.

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Product Information

If you want to have a closer look at how to use SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL, you can download the user manual here.

Download SoundEar II Industry and XL manual

If you want to learn more about the specifications of SoundEar II Industry and SoundEar II XL, you can download the product sheets here.

Download SoundEar II Industry product sheet Download SoundEar II XL product sheet


If you have any questions regarding the products or noise in general, you can take a look at our FAQ.

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