Examples of SoundEar3-320 X in use:

City and Road Traffic Noise

“We use SoundEar3-320 X to measure noise levels in the city. This helps us create awareness about current noise levels. It is part of our noise reduction program, which includes creating quiet zones in parks and recreational areas.”

Mårten Spanne / Malmö Stad (City of Malmo, Sweden)

Noise from Construction

“We use SoundEar3-320 X to perform noise measurements on noise from construction sites. This means that the general contractor is able to document that he is in compliance with noise limits.”

Bjørn Petersen / BP Støjmåling

SoundEar3-320 X: Simplify the process of documenting external noise levels

Make sure you are always up to date on your external noise levels

Why our customers like SoundEar3-320 X:

  • Makes it easy to measure and monitor external noise
  • Simple and efficient way of managing and documenting noise levels
    • You can use the software to monitor noise levels in real-time
    • You always have proper documentation for your noise levels
    • Email alerts means you can react instantly to critical noise levels
    • Automated noise reports help you stay in compliance with noise limits (requires automation add-on)
  • Most affordable external noise monitoring system with prices starting from € 2,000
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Upcoming Feature: Real-Time Road Traffic Noise Mapping

We are currently working on creating real-time visualization of road traffic noise in a map. This short video is a recording of a live visualization of noise levels at a road in Denmark, where we are prototyping and testing.

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Where, Why and How to Use SoundEar3-320 X


SoundEar3-320 X is intended for external noise measurement, including:

  • Noise from Construction Sites
  • Road Traffic Noise
  • Noise from music venues, bars, and restaurants
  • Noise from Airports, Railroads, and Windmills


Noise regulations, noise documentation and noise complaints from neighbors can cause you a headache.

Being able to monitor your own noise levels and easily provide documentation for them are some of the benefits our customers are most pleased with.

The SoundEar3-320 X features that our customers highlight:

  • Monitoring noise levels from multiple locations (requires automation add-on) at once in the software makes it easy to get an overview of the entire noise situation
  • Receiving alarm emails when noise reaches a critical level means that you can act instantly to reduce critical noise levels.
  • Receiving automated noise reports, directly in your inbox is very convenient. It means that you are always updated on the latest noise developments.
  • The ability to compare and analyze noise levels over time and across locations in the software is practical when you need to dig a little deeper into a specific noise situation.


  1. To get started using SoundEar3-320 X, connect it to a PC running the SoundEar Software and make your settings such as alarm emails and automated noise reports.
  2. Find the ideal location for your SoundEar device, possibly using an extension cable for the microphone, which allows you to move the microphone away from the SoundEar device to its most ideal location.
  3. Start using the SoundEar Software to get insights into your noise levels and to make sure that you have proper documentation for your noise levels.
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The Features of SoundEar3-320 X:

The SoundEar3-320 X is intended specifically for external noise management.

SoundEar3-320 X
SoundEar Software?
Outdoor Microphone

Available Add-Ons:

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Software and product info

If you want to have a closer look at how to use SoundEar3-320 X and the included software, you can download the user manual here.

Download manual

If you want to learn more about the specifications of SoundEar3-320 X, you can download the product sheet here.

Download SoundEar3-320 X product sheet


If you have any questions regarding the products or noise in general, you can take a look at our FAQ.

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