SoundEar Noise Guide

Noise measurement for the open office space

Noise Guide allows you to measure and visualize noise levels in open office spaces. Noise Guide introduces a solution that directly targets the cause of the noise problem:

The noisy conversations.

These are some of the facts:

  • Up to 70% of office workers say they are disturbed by noise.
  • More than 50 % say they are interrupted by colleagues.
  • Knowledge workers report being interrupted as often as every 10 minutes.

Noise Guide features

  • Save your measurements on the internal log for up to 600 days
  • Shows both the current noise level and the noise levels measured over the past 15 minuts in the bottom light bar
  • Software included where you can store your measurements and make your own configuration

T-Systems use Noise Guide

Read the blog post about how they use Noise Guide at T-Systems offices.

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